One afternoon, my mother called me from work to tell me that she was running late coming home. She asked if I wouldn’t mind starting the pot roast that she had planned for dinner. The cut of meat that she had set aside was a beautiful piece of meat. It was tender, juicy, and virtually devoid of fat. I began the process of lightly browning the meat by placing it in a crock pot dish that I had set on the stove top burner. Anyone who knows anything about cooking would have slapped my hand the moment I did such a thing. It wasn’t long before i heard a loud CRACK and turned around to find the crock pot dish in pieces on the stove. I quickly scooped up the meat and cleaned off the burner. Undeterred, I pulled out a second crock pot. Second time’s the charm, right? I began the process again and – wouldn’t you know it – the crock pot split into pieces, the meat seared itself to the stove, and i was chiding myself for my blatantly obvious stupidity. All of this to say, I am no cook. Fortunately, I am redeemed by my ability to bake. Of course, I cannot live off of cupcakes, cookies, and pastries alone. So, while I await my tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome, master chef of a man, I thought I would share with you the escapades that have sprung from my love of baking! The majority of recipes that I share are not mine because, lets face it, I don’t always have the brightest of ideas. But everything I come across has been a joy to put together, and I can’t wait to share them with you! All of the recipes have been credited to their original authors.


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